Lime Computer Services has connections with other businesses, and work in conjunction with them to get the very best from all technologies.


At Logicmate we specialise in the very best software products that will enhance and modernise your business applications. We offer a number of application solutions that will complement and enhance your existing applications.

Profound Logic

Profound Logic has been at the cutting edge of modernization solutions, including the first integrated HTML/RPG editor and compiler, the first RPG Open Access handler with Web and Mobile capabilities, a patented web-based Visual Designer for Mobile and Web development, the first DDS to HTML5 translation product, and the first automated legacy RPG to Node.js conversion service.


InterForm A/S has more than 25 years of experience developing solutions that improve the look and utility of business documents while reducing transaction costs. Today InterForm products are used by more than 3,500 customers globally, at companies and in communities ranging in size from just a few individuals to several thousand employees, across all kinds of industries.

Beatrix Solutions

Beatrix is a leading technical consultancy and UK supplier of Java J2EE software solutions for Content Management Systems, E-business, Output Management, Electronic Document Handling, Web Development and Enhanced Security. We deliver solutions from design through to implementation.